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Make your brand identifiable

Nowadays, people love to engage and share different stories and posts on their social media platforms based on different images, graphics, music, or high-quality video presentations. And also, they like visually engaging websites and prefer innovative solutions for their businesses. Apart from loving increased social engagement and shares, there are many powerful reasons you should prefer multimedia in everything you make for an attractive online presence. Remind the quote “A picture tells a thousand stories,” which comes true in the case of Multimedia services because it also does the in thousand ways. Today, Multimedia is a powerful thing that delivers a solid and visual experience to touch your senses. There is no doubt; Multimedia is one of the leaders of the most effective and impressive way of communication. It has changed the way organizations and media communicate. Multimedia has established itself as an appealing and powerful way to deliver your business message to potential clients and a more specific audience. Whether it is an innovative website, corporate business presentation, technical training, Ad films, etc., the composing of effective multimedia elements into your preferred marketing channel and way of communication increase ROI and results in a better understanding of difficult concepts. Are you looking for a way to convince your audience of your products or services? Keep in mind, if an ordinary presentation assures 100% business results, then a multimedia presentation enhanced with music, graphics, and animated textures ensures 200% of the target result and assures greater audience indulgence and involvement. Realize the potential of multimedia services in corporate communication, any type of education and training, etc., macroEnvision, a new-age multimedia company offering a host of multimedia solutions at competitive market prices that helps to enhance the effectiveness of communication.

Our Multimedia Creation Process
Initial Draft

First of all, we schedule a meeting with our respected clients and get an idea of the project's scope so that we can brainstorm to create an initial draft for further proceedings.

Look & Feel

Our expert team develops the attractive look and feel of your multimedia representation based on your logo or primary color used for your brand's identity, shape, and typography. After finalizing solid brand guidelines, we will start the storyboard.


We at macroEnvision, create a script regardless of audio, video, or both and create a representation of the final piece so that our clients can easily get an idea of what the end product is going to appear similar to.


Now, our experienced resources create your multimedia piece, everything from design to animation and voice-over at this step.


At this stage, we will present you with a final piece we have created and start iterating based on our valuable feedback! Once we have its final revision of the content, we will proceed to the rendering.


This step is the final stage in which our professionals have every frame put together and make sure to render all versions of usable media that will perfectly work for digital propagation.

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